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Eyedentity is a project conceived in 1997 by childhood friends, Krishna Booker and Diana Purim. As husband and wife, they are a powerful performing and production team. Both come from a legendary lineage of Jazz pioneers and have learned to honor their roots as they break new ground on the expansive frontiers of today’s music industry. Diana is the daughter of Brazilian Jazz legends Flora Purim and Airto Moreira, Krishna is the son of Jazz bassist Walter Booker. His uncle is Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock is his godfather.


In the 1990’s, Europe and the UK were hot spots for the Trip Hop and Drum & Bass movement. People were ready for a new sound in electronic music. With all the new hybrid styles birthing from Hip Hop and rising up within the genre, the concept of Eyedentity came to light. Eyedentity’s debut album entitled “SEE” planted a seed for the group with a successful European single entitled “Heavy Interference” which ended up on the “Winter Chill” compilation by Mark Doyle under Hed Kandi Records. This album placed the group in the company of such artists as Moloko, Nitin Sahwney, Moby and Delerium. The duo composed 2 albums for the independent label Electric Melt. In June of 1999 they formed the Eyedentity “Band” and by 2000 parted ways with the label continuing on independently.


On the side, Krishna has toured with Sergio Mendes promoting his “Timeless” album and recorded with several artists, including an appearance on renowned producer/pianist George Duke’s last album, “Dreamweaver” while Diana took part in various projects, also recording for George Duke and performing in “SUITE FOR MA DUKES”, a show honoring the life works of Hip Hop producer J Dilla with artists such as Dwele, Talib Kweli, Common, Illa J, Bilal and De La Soul, among others. More recently the pair performed with an orchestra led by Brazilian/Folk composer Arthur Verocai for a beautiful tribute to his great musical works.


However, none of these projects would have been possible had it not been for the work they had done with Airto and Flora throughout the years. Through their collaborative efforts with these two extraordinary musicians many beautiful projects have manifested. Airto and Flora provided a platform for Eyedentity to develop and evolve. Today their crafts include writing, production and live performance as well as teaching a variety of interactive vocal and percussion workshops.


Eyedentity’s music falls into the category of “Urban World brazilian”. Their lyrics are socially conscious, clean, poetic, unusual and supernatural, yet manage to retain a lightness and fun, inspiring fans and listeners of all ages to dance and sing along. They have toured Brazil with renowned motown guitarist Wah Wah Watson as a featured guest and have recently been supporting Airto on stage acting as his musical directors. As well as touring independently, they currently perform together under the bill, “Airto & Eyedentity featuring Diana Purim”. The band has been reviewed in several publications both domestically and abroad. Additionally, they have been heard on various radio stations around the world.