Turi was born into the profound sounds of Afro Cuban Rhythms, Hip Hop and Jazz. With his Mother PJ Oliva being pregnant of him and playing congas at local L.A. Rumbas, Turi was bound to pick it up, and he surely did, when he turned 2 years old, he was able to play a Rumba Clave, one of the most difficult rhythms and timing from Cuba.


Turi began studying timbales and bata at the fresh age of 4 years old with his mentor Juanito "Long John" Oliva (Son of Pancho Quinto), who was one of the best Cuban percussionists in the United States, Turi could play verbatim to recordings of such bands like Charanga Habanera, NG La Banda, and Los Van Van.


From the age of 6-12, Turi's Mother PJ worked with some of the best Cuban and American drummers and percussionistst in the world, and he was exposed and absorbed all his surroundings, from such drummers like Raul Pineda, Jesus Diaz, Jimmy Branly, Francisco Aguabella and Dennis Chambers and Rayford Griffin.


From the age of 13-15, his aquaintance / mentor Cuban trumpeter Josiel Perez introduced him to drumset, and he began playing for the Pasadena Presbyterian Church, at the same time studying with Master Percussionist Calixto Oviedo of NG La Banda and John James at Eagle Rock

Music School.


Today, Turi continutes to study timbales and drums and his exposure to Jazz, Afro Cuban drums, Hip Hop, R&B made him who he is today.