Being the best independent record label was nothing but a dream when it was first thought of by its founders, Graphic Artist, Agent, Promoter, Peggy Jo Oliva “PJ” and Artist, Producer, Musician, World Class Cuban Percussionist, Long John Oliva “Penalti”. In 2001, the seed was planted of Lucumi Music Productions, to see it grow, thrive and prosper. The record label started its operations out of the garage, which was furnished with proper equipment to book shows, and produce music. Out of that small garage, the AC Jazz Project's 1st release Lucumi was developed, which gained notoriety in the Latin Jazz world, eventually being listed as one of the Top 100 Latin Jazz Recordings of All Time by Latin Beat Magazine, and now in 2015, considered to be one of the most essential Latin Jazz Recordings of All Time, according to Latin Jazz Network!