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Giraldo Piloto, nephew of the Grand Percussionist Guillermo Barreto, recognizes his uncle’s style as his principal influence and the fundamental formula of his music. Music that has the ingredients in the Jazz Mode with touches of Pop, Rap, and Funk, without leaving behind our island music and the principal routes of "El Son." All that we introduced in a container touches of the typical Timbero sound. We mix well until it all mixes into all those rhythms and then we have what is known today as a Klimax. Piloto has defined his music as a Progressive Son. That and other things are what make Klimax under the command of Giraldo Piloto (without forgetting his right-hand man Ysef Diaz on keyboard and arranger) so special, differentiating from the rest. Piloto, a graduate as a Percussionist from The School of National Art in 1980 initiated his professional career as a Percussionist of the Cabaret "Tropicana," one of the best schools to develop in later paths and courses in where he has left proof of his talent as a musician, arranger and composer of various Cuban formations. His most splendor achieved as a musician was in 1988 in forming a union with other Masters of Music, NG La Banda, the group of Jose Luis Cortes, one of the most important pioneers of the designated Timba. It's justifiable and an integral part of the group is why Piloto lets himself be known as a composer and arranger, while conquering his fears being heard on he list of the Hit Parade on a National Radio Station. It is also with this orchestra where a creation of themes for Isaac Delgado, and confirmed years later the recording "Dando La Hora", the one where he received the category of the Egrem Prize, and where three of his compositions have been converted to grand hits of radio and television. In 1992 Giraldo Piloto decides to join the magnificent singer Isaac Delgado assuming the position of Musical Director. Years of intense artistic labor as a musician, director and composer, that in 1994 they convert into a musical production of the recording "Con Ganas," accompanied by the accomplished Cuban Pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba or (Gonzalito) which many are accustomed to calling him affectionately. These works reach the Gran Prize Egram in 1994 and owed to his merits of composing, enabling Isaac Delgado and his group to reach great heights and primacy during three consecutive years within the principal orchestras of the country. 1995 marks the year of the standards of Giraldo Piloto, it’s the moment that all his experiences and efforts, as well as his artistic maturity are concentrated where the proper formation of Klimax created by musicians with proper and proven talent, pertaining to a young generation of graduates of schools of art, and from various different Cuban orchestras. The rest is history today. Its Klimax synonymous with good music, with more than five recordings between them, one with Latin jazz, and a DVD "Live" that can be purchased as of the last few months. This group can most certainly be sure that they'll be around forever in the hearts of their fans, but also in the hearts of Cuban music, and universally.