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Haakon Graf & Grafitti





Haakon Graf piano / keyboards,

born march 21 1955, Oslo Norway


European Grammy Award winner 1978 for best electric jazz record with drummer Paal Thowsen. Grammy judge 1998 jazz category.
Both as a leader and sideman


A few examples:
Phil Collins,Flora Purim & Airto Moreira, Frank Gambale, Dennis Chambers, Gary Grainger, Paul Jackson & Mike Clark ( Headhunters ) Harvey Mason ( CD project ) ECM artists: Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal, Palle Mikkelborg and Jon Christensen, Jack DeJohnette, Miroslav Vitous.
Graf lived and played in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil 1988 - 89.
Graf has worked on TV shows, done filmscores, studiosessions, produced / arranged for major european artists.


Some quotes:


" You're a monster, we need to hook up ! " Jaco Pastorius ( The project never happened due to JP's tragic death shortly after )
" You're a bad man, - schtooopid funky ! " Harvey Mason
" I wanna tip-toe in your ghetto! " Paul Jackson ( bass Headhunters)
" Haakon is my favorite musician " Flora Purim
" Haakon is a baaad boi, he can PLAY " Byron Miller ( bass George Duke & Luther Vandross )
" It's Your turn now !" Narada Michael Walden


Keyboard Magazine :
" Graf is an intelligent and spirited player. He has chops to spare, - rather than exhaust the listener with nonstop flash, he builds his solos carefully, keeping the listener interested from beginning to end. I can't wait to hear more from him "
review of the "Grafitti " CD " Good Groove " Lipstick Records 1994
feat: Ulf Wakenius guitar, Gary Grainger bass, Dennis Chambers drums


GRAFITTI at Catalina's in LA 1994

Los Angeles TImes
Review February 3, 1994
Don Heckman

" With power drummer Dennis Chambers as the featured performer, fusion group Grafitti's opening set Tuesday at Catalina Bar & Grill was a high-decibel whirlwind of nonstop rolls, rim shots and cymbal crashes.

Aside from the vital contributions of Chambers and Grainger, Grafitti's most appealing quality was its crisp ensemble work and the engaging modesty of the players. Smiling, relaxed and musically interactive, they never fell prey to the artificial posturing that plagues many contemporary jazz groups.

The work of Europeans Haakon Graf on keyboards and Ulf Wakening on guitar demonstrated the borderless character of much contemporary jazz. Like so many young musicians around the world, their mastery of fusion's rapid-fire technical qualities was total.
Chambers is always a captivating player to watch, with his ability to generate a firestorm of percussion while maintaining a relatively cool-looking demeanor. Soloing on almost every number, flipping rhythmic bons mots back and forth with bassist Gary Grainger, Chambers brought constant fascination to Grafitti's funk-driven compositions. In its better moments, his drumming recalled both the swirling multi-meters of Elvin Jones and the fiery rhythmic preaching of Art Blakey. "


Haakon Graf's latest CD:
" License To Chill "
feat Walfredo Reyes Jr drums / percussion
Chris Stefanetti bass

With Grafitti : feat Dennis Chambers, Gary Grainger and U-Nam
" Grafitti Live In California " available as digital CD on iTunes

Since aug 2014, Graf has formed a new constellation consisting of
Doug webb saxes, Rob McDonald bass and Marvin Smitty Smith drums.